Best Weight Loss Diet

What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet That One Needs To Follow?

So what is the best weight loss diet to do? You may be surprised that the best weight loss from dieting involves eating, not starving! Hopefully, my diet comparisons and suggestions will help assist you in dropping more pounds. In this article, I will explain which weight loss diet is best and the 1 major flaw that virtually every popular diet has.

So what type of weight loss diet is best? First, let’s take a brief look at some of the most popular;

South Beach Diet

Low GI diet, meaning you are removing or avoiding carbs for the most part. Eliminating many foods which would cause weight gain including those high in sugar as well as carbs. The focus of the diet is that you are to remain on a loosened version of it… for the rest of your life, or essentially the weight will return. A great diet if maintained is good.

Atkins Diet

The focus of this diet is carbohydrate avoidance. You can still eat many other types of foods that are high in protein and fat, however, all carbs are minimized or eliminated all together. An excellent diet, although don’t expect to keep the results unless you stick with the diet to some degree.

Acai Diet

Completely flawed, acai has no evidence of fat burning properties although it can benefit overall health. The fiber shake you are to taking helps with weight loss but it is by no means diet in of itself.

Calorie Shifting Diet

Eat a wide variety of foods, few limitations and encourages eating to see results. This diet has a normal calorie intake relative to what you would normally eat. Unlike all the other diets this one does not try to pile up results quickly only to have you lose them once you stop. It’s the total opposite. The goal of this diet is to focus on boosting your metabolism which is the real reason why you put on weight. So once you decide to stop the diet you actually continue to lose weight instead of having a rebound effect which every other diet has because of a lack of focus on the metabolism itself.