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Weight Loss Meal Plan – To Achieve Weight Loss Quickly

With so much information floating around the web about low calorie diets, low carbohydrate diets and low fat diets, it’s not easy to make sense of what’s real and what isn’t. So is there a proven quick weight loss meal plan that actually works? 

Quick Weight Loss Meal Plan – Why Many Diet Plans Don’t Work Long Term

The good news is that our human body is an amazing machine that adapts to our environment and conditions to help us survive. But while that’s a good thing, it also becomes somewhat of a problem when we go on traditional diets to lose those excess pounds. To understand how this affects your weight loss, we must understand the following basics of weight loss:

Weight Loss = Calories burned is greater than calories consumed

No matter which way you turn it, in order to lose weight our weight loss diet plan either has to lower the number of calories we consume, or it has to increase the amount of calories burnt. The problem with a diet that restricts your calorie intake for the long term is that your body will adapt to the lower calorie intake by reducing its metabolism. And in simple terms, lower metabolism means lower fat burn.

And lower fat burn means slower to no fat loss.

This is one of the reasons why people lose weight initially when they start a diet only to plateau a few weeks to months in. Their body has adapted to the lower calorie intake by slowing its metabolism down in compensation.

Quick Weight Loss Meal Plan – Calorie Shifting

Here is where the concept of calorie shifting comes in. It isn’t new, and it has been around the fitness and body building industry for quite some time. It’s also been proven to work, and when done correctly, work very well.

So what exactly is Calorie Shifting?Once you understand the concept of how our human body adapts to our diet, the concept of calorie shifting makes sense to you. It is simply a diet where you alternate days of high calorie intake with low calorie days. Over the course of the diet, you are consuming less calories while your body maintains a higher metabolic rate.

The reason why this works is it takes a couple of days (between 2-3 days, maybe more) for your body to adapt to a lower calorie diet and lower its metabolism accordingly. What happens in a calorie shifting diet is to go a couple of lower calories days, followed by higher calorie days just before your body compensates by going into lower metabolism.

For example

Day 1-2: Higher Calorie Days (2 days)

Day 3-4: Lower Calorie Days (2 days)

Day 5: Higher Calorie Day (1 day)

Day 6-7: Lower Calorie Days (2 days)

The double whammy of keeping a higher metabolic rate while reducing your overall calorie intake is what creates the effect of accelerated fat loss. You burn fat off while eating enough so you don’t put that weight back on!

Does Calorie Shifting work as a healthy weight loss meal plan?

Calorie shifting works very well as a weight loss diet plan. However, how well this works also depends on the food you eat. If you’re eating junk, and you’re shifting between days of eating more junk and less junk, then it’s obviously not going to work or be healthy for you. You do need to have a healthy diet and use that as the baseline for shifting between higher and lower calorie days.

Weight Loss Meal Plans That Use Calorie Shifting

A very popular diet that utilizes the calorie shifting concept is the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. It’s helped a lot of people lose weight fast, and it takes out the work of thinking what to eat by providing an online diet generator that spits out diet menus that you follow for weight loss. If this is something that you’re looking for, you can get more information by reading our review on Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

A healthy weight loss meal plan that you can sustain for life that is also based on calorie cycling is the Every Other Day Diet. It teaches you the whys and hows of designing your own meal plan, so you have to do some meal planning. The Every Other Day Diet provides more flexibility by giving you different plans to cater for different lifestyles. If you want more information, you can check out the Every Other Day Diet.

In short, does calorie shifting work as a weight loss meal plan?

Yes, but it doesn’t mean you throw common sense out the window too. If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, then it will require you to make some lifestyle changes to incorporate better food choices as well as a basic amount of physical exercise to maintain a stronger and healthier body.