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Detox Diets- Are They Effective And Safe For Weight Loss?

Everywhere you look, you see people using detox diets for weight loss. We hear stories of fad diets that make wild claims of weight loss. We are bombarded with news about celebrities doing weight loss detox. It seems like it is a cure-all for weight loss. In addition, they can help to make your body healthier by cleansing out toxins.  However, some weight loss detox programs do more harm than good, you need to be certain you choose the right one.

You also need to have realistic expectations of the benefits of the detox diet. A detox diet is not a substitute for exercise or for poor eating habits. In addition, you will not experience enormous weight loss while on the detox diet if done properly.  Anytime you see a significant weight loss, in a short period of time you should expect significant weight gain to occur when the diet is over. Typically, when you begin losing more than a few pounds in a few days you are not losing fat. You are losing water. This dehydrated state will only result in you gaining the weight back as soon as you stop the diet. That is why it is important that when you are on a detox diet that you drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

Most detox diets are fairly similar however, some are extreme. When choosing a detox diet you want to make sure that you are consuming approximately 1000 calories per day. Anything less than this will slow your metabolism down. You also want to ensure that you are still getting all of the essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

Without consuming enough calories or getting the nutrients your body needs, you will feel tired and irritable during the detox. These consequences can last for some time after the completion of the diet if you starve your body of the resources it needs.

When on a detox diet you should be consuming lots of vegetables and foods that are low in sugar. Because of the reduced sugar intake, your body will not retain as much water. By reducing sugar intake, you should also have a dramatic reduction of bloating as well. With the reduced retention of water and the lack of bloating, it will give an appearance of dramatic weight loss.

In addition, the detox diet gives your body an opportunity to cleanse itself of toxins. It also allows certain vital organs to rest. Our digestive system is constantly at work digesting processed foods that we eat every day. This much-needed rest can have long-term benefits for your overall fitness goals.

Detox diets are an effective way to lose weight in a short period of time. If they were not effective I doubt we would see so many celebrities who are required to maintain a certain look at all time signing the praises of doing a weight loss detox.  Just remember, it’s about keeping the weight off and that means long term changes in diet and exercise.