Garcinia Cambogia VS Green Tea – Which Is Better?

Many people have struggled with weight loss for a very long time now ranging from men to women. This is because we live in an era where fast foods and junk foods are the prevalent foods for many people, yet not many people care to burn the many calories they intake. Because of the laziness to work out and the love for fast foods, many people find themselves where they will need the help of losing the extra weight using supplements.

Garcinia And Green Tea

These are supplements that are very popular in the market, and they are some of the best products for weight loss. In as much as they both serve the same purpose which is to lose weight, there is one that is better than, the other. Many people always wonder which one stands out and today we will be able to get the answers to this question based on the advantages that one has over the other. Here are some of the factors that distinguish the two

  1. Their Make Up

These two products are made from natural ingredients. Green tea has its origin from China, and it is made from Camellia Sinensis plant. The plant is rich in EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) which helps in boosting metabolism as well as other Catechins which are antioxidants. On the other hand, Garcinia Cambogia is made from a fruit called tamarind and has its origin in India. The major active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia is Hydroxycitric Acid which is behind the weight loss. It also has potassium, Chromium, and Calcium which are vital and relevant.

All the products are made from natural ingredients. They have no artificial products added to them. However, when Green Tea comes in tea bags, this will compromise. There is a great chance that epichlorohydrin has been used to treat the teabag. This is a chemical that is considered to be carcinogenic by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Garcinia Cambogia is as safe as it can be.

  1. Their Working Mechanism

These two supplements work to help the user get rid of excess weight and maintain a healthy body. Green Tea will achieve this by increasing the rate of fats excretion, increasing metabolism rate of the body, increase the rate of anti-oxidation, and prevent the development of fat cells. On the other hand, Garcinia Cambogia functions by suppressing appetite thus prevent unnecessary eating caused by food craving. It also increases the rate of metabolism, anti-oxidation, prevents the formation of new fat cells, and more.

The advantage that Garcinia Cambogia has over Green Tea is that it prevents the formation of new fat cells other than what Green Tea does which is to prevent development. It is always better and efficient to prevent something from occurring from the word go. It also helps in prevention of the conversion of carbohydrates to fats by controlling how fats are processed in the liver.

 It is also important to note that the effects of using Green Tea many take-ups longer to manifest as compared to when one is using Garcinia Cambogia. Reports have shown that the effects of Garcinia Cambogia kick in almost immediately resulting in a suppressed appetite and thus a reduction in the intake of high amounts of calories. This is one way that makes Garcinia Cambogia more effective.

  1. Other Benefits Of The Supplements

Other than just helping people lose weight, these supplements have other benefits. Green Tea helps the mind to stay awake because of the presence of caffeine. Studies also show that it helps people with dementia, high blood lipid, cerebral thrombus, and even arteriosclerosis. It is also great at dealing with digestion related problems like diarrhea and vomiting.

When it comes to Garcinia Cambogia, the other benefits include enhanced moods, reduced menstruation-related problems, deal with digestive problems, promote the feeling of well being, help reduce stress, and help the mind stay alert.

Garcinia Cambogia stands out in as much as they offer other benefits. When it comes to keeping the mind alert, Green Tea uses caffeine. Caffeine can be very addictive. It has also been reported to cause many people to become restless as well as sleepless which will interfere the working of the body. It is also not the number one choice for many people. Garcinia Cambogia has serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which helps to make a person feel relaxed and have a sense f well being. This enhances a person’s moods and even helps them rest well. When the brain has the perfect working conditions, it will be active.

  1. Dosage And Side Effects

Green Tea has not been reported to have any side effects because it is made from all natural ingredients. However, this supplement is never recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers. This is because of the presence of caffeine.

Garcinia Cambogia also has no side effects. Pregnant women and lactating mothers need to consult a physician first before they take the supplement, but it can be said to be safer for them compared to Green Tea.

The recommended dosage is always thrice a day to see the best results within a very short time. Even so, taking the supplements twice a day will also work.

  1. Other Benefits Of Garcinia Cambogia Over Green Tea

Other than the few advantages mentioned above, Garcinia Cambogia stands out in the following ways:

It has fiber which is essential for digestion and especially because it aids in peristalsis which is the movement of food down the food pipe.

Garcinia Cambogia has been rated higher by many users, and thus it stands above Green Tea. Therefore, it is only right that we acknowledge it is the superior choice.


Looking at all the benefits of each of the supplements, we have seen how Garcinia Cambogia stands out from the Green Tea. The information provided has been proved over time to be true and thus cannot be disputed. For all the reasons mentioned above, there is no denying that Garcinia Cambogia is the winning supplement of the day. Therefore, you can be at peace while using Garcinia Cambogia.